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      The next generation of collaboration
Huston SMART products make collaboration a visual and interactive experience. With our interactive whiteboards, interactive displays and software, you can open files, applications, websites and multimedia and interact with them on a large touch-enabled surface. You can write notes in digital ink, save them into your files and share them instantly via e-mail. You can switch from writing notes to navigating other applications with a simple touch, and all participants can see and contribute to your work in real time, regardless of location.
  Is the right technology in your teachers' hands?
Teachers are the key to the success of our schools. But like anyone else, they need the right tools to do their job effectively. Giving teachers the right technology means those products don't get in the way of teachers doing what they do best, but rather allows them to expand the possibilities of what they can achieve in the classroom.
      No need to fly them in for that big meeting Your meetings just got a whole lot easier. There is no need to book flights, rent cars or make hotel arrangement when you deploy Smart Boards solutions in your business locations. See them and everything they have with SMART Solutions.
  Smart brings team work to a new level When your teams work together toward common goals, your business can benefit more from everything they have to offer – their ideas, skills, experiences and inspiration. That’s true collaboration. SMART business solutions can help change the way you share and work with digital information, turning your workplaces into interactive, engaging collaboration spaces where teamwork can thrive. Virtually any business can benefit from a new way to collaborate.

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