Smart Products For Education


SMART products from Huston are innovative, easy to use and proven to enhance learning for students.

They are also designed to be integrated, modular and evolving. This means the SMART products you choose today work together, can be easily adapted to your classroom needs and will continue to work for you as your technology requirements change in the future. Ease of use ensures teachers can quickly start using SMART products and experiencing the benefits they bring to teaching and learning.


SMART Board® interactive whiteboards

The world’s leading interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, and brings interactivity to any environment.

SMART LightRaise™ interactive projectors

Experience the benefits of touch interactivity in more learning spaces with SMART LightRaise 60wi and 60wi2 interactive projectors.

SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel

Experience intuitive touch functionality and the power of SMART Notebook software with this 70” (178 cm) flat panel display designed specifically for education.

SMART Board 6065 interactive flat panel

This ultra HD, 4K interactive flat panel from SMART is designed to offer even more collaborative capabilities while ensuring lessons run seamlessly. Its modern design and sleek aesthetic make it an appealing part of any classroom.

SMART Podium™ 500 series interactive pen display

Bring any presentation to life with an interactive pen display that allows you to interact with content effortlessly from the front of the room.

SMART Table® 442i collaborative learning center

Inspire collaboration by combining learning and play on the SMART Table.

Complementary hardware products

SMART Document Camera

Turn real objects into 3D images that will amaze your students. Or put an object beneath the camera to create a video that you can record, watch and save for later.

SMART Response™ interactive response systems

Our interactive response systems allow you to obtain quick insight into learning, track student performance and organize assessment results in the built-in gradebook.

Accessories for SMART Board interactive whiteboards and displays

Get more from your interactive whiteboard or display with accessories that will save you time and enhance collaboration.


SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software

Create, deliver and manage interactive lessons with SMART Notebook software, and add SMART Notebook Math Tools to get everything you need to make math lessons more engaging. There is also SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition), which helps you personalize learning, and SMART Notebook Express, so educators everywhere can open, interact with and share SMART Notebook software files.

SMART amp™ collaborative learning software

SMART amp connects a variety of different devices to a collaborative workspace where students can work together and teachers can upload lesson material and conduct real-time assessments.

SMART Bridgit® conferencing software

Ensure all students are active participants, no matter where they are, with SMART Bridgit® conferencing software. It's a simple way to connect and collaborate by sharing voice, video and data over the Internet as if they were in the same room.

SMART Sync™ classroom management software

Make the most of class time with our classroom management software. SMART Sync enables you to effortlessly monitor computer activity, keep students focused on learning and encourage student collaboration.

SMART Classroom Suite™ interactive learning software

Create, organize, manage and assess with our integrated software suite, which includes SMART Notebook, SMART Notebook SE, SMART Sync and SMART Response CE.

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