SMART Videos

See the SMART solutions in action and see how you can use them to change the way you share and work with digital information.

Demo of the SMART 885ix Interactive White board works.

Demo of the SMART 8070i Interactive White board works.

See how one of the biggest construction companies in the US uses SMART Tech to keep there business running smooth.

How quick can you get your people together for a big meeting?
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See how this employee shares his White Board with a Boss from another floor.

See how these two tackle the task of preparing for a meeting.
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See why smart is a good idea for every office.

Meet the Trainer

Joel Fenske

Hi, I am excited to assist businesses, schools, and various companies in making the right technology choice - and assisting/training them to use our products to their maximum potential. In college, I studied Communications at Liberty University, where I met my wife of 13 years, Marcie. At home, I enjoy spending time with my three girls (Emma, Juliana, Allison) and my little boy, Isaac.

If you have a question or need assistance call me at 1-800-455-8898



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